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Hair Extension Remi/Non Remi
Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

Easiest Technology for attaching hair extensions
1. 100% Natural Human Hair
2. Hairs type available:
Chinese, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, Mongolian hair, etc.
3. Weight can be customized
4. 50/100 pcs/pk
Luxury micro Ring hair extensions! 100% Human Hair. Cold application! New method of Hair Extensions. So easy to apply. An increasing number of extension professionals are selecting the Micro Link Hair Extensions for its convenience.
Micro Ring Hair Extensions are hand made using 100% human hair and are available in many different colors. No Glue, no heat, Just as easy to remove.
Ideal for adding length and volume to your hair. They are very natural looking and can be used to add highlights or low lights without chemical treatment or heat application
Micro Ring extensions have a very flexible application technique, it allows each client to create a look that is uniquely their own.